Wordsearch Puzzle: Best way to review the vocabulary and practice spelling




Learning vocabulary and the correct spelling have been one of the main concerns of the teachers. I have been an EFL teacher in Iran since 2012 and saw some learners coming to the class unprepared. They had funny excuses and most of them blamed tiredness after the school and lack of time to practice. As I had attended English language institute in the same educational system for about nine years, I am quite familiar with such excuses believing that they are right.

Each session the class started with reviewing what were taught previously and I figured out that some learners had problems with vocabulary retention. Some used to retrieve the meaning but had problem with spelling! So instead of presenting different tasks of vocabulary review and spelling that are quite time consuming (and maybe boring) the teachers can use one activity combining both types of practice at the same time. Besides, the factor of motivation is really crucial here.

There are different kinds of word games  for teaching among which word-Search Puzzle  game suits best for our purpose. This puzzle game increases the learners engagement especially when it is considered in a game fashion (ref. to gamification). Many websites are available for generating word puzzle games including Educaplay. In the following section I provide a guideline helping how to use this game for teaching purpose.

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